Customised Mille Feuille

Customised Mille Feuille

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Customise your 2-layer mille-feuille to create your own version of this Essentia signature pastry.



12x12cm, 15x15cm, 18x18cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm 

Filling Options (Choose ONE)


- Strawberry: fresh, ruby-like strawberries as a whole and vegan white chocolate infused with Madagascar vanilla


- Vanilla: vegan white chocolate infused with Madagascar vanilla

- Earl Grey: plant milk chocolate filling that bears a hint of citrusy bergamont aroma of Earl Grey.

- Nespresso: silky milk chocolate cream intense and awakening coffee aroma

- Milk Chocolate: silky chocolate cream made with vegan milk chocolate

- 70% Dark Chocolate: rich and long-lingering chocolatey taste

- Black Sesame: vegan white chocolate paired with rich black sesame taste

- Matcha Green Tea: vegan white chocolate with a rich Matcha Green Tea flavour 

- Salted Caramel: vegan white chocolate paired with rich salted caramel taste

- Taro: cooked taro paste is paired with vegan white chocolate

- Strawberry Chocolate: Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration Chocolate 




12x12cm ≈500g

15x15cm ≈900g

18x18cm ≈1200g

20x20cm ≈ 1400g

30x30 cm ≈ 2000g 




What is Plant-Based Puff Pastry?

Read the Essentia Vocabulary to learn more about how we re-invent classic desserts with plant-based alternatives.